A guide to the 6 best doors for your home office

By Masonite

What does your ideal home office deliver? More light? More peace and quiet? Or more privacy? With the right door, you can create your perfect workspace.

The interior of a home office with a closed navy blue two panel interior door, white walls with a bookshelf, and a woman sitting at a desk talking on a video call through his computer

Having a designated workspace helps you get more work done. At minimum, your work-from-home (WFH) setup should empower you to do your job easily, efficiently and comfortably. 
However, the “perfect” home office looks different for everyone. You may desire a super-quiet, private workspace or a brighter, more inspiring area that doesn’t isolate you from the rest of your home. 
Here are six home office door ideas to help you achieve your ideal setup.

Sound-dampening solid core doors

Constant interruptions, like the dog barking at a delivery driver or the rumble of the dryer down the hall, can make it hard to stay focused on your work.

Selecting the right door is one of the easiest, most cost-effective methods of soundproofing your home office. That’s because walls are generally insulated or layered with materials that help block sound—and doors are usually the thinnest barrier in a wall. If your current office door has a hollow core, unwanted household noise can easily pass right through.  

But, if you’re looking to reduce noise, Masonite solid core doors are the way to go. Made with 70% more sound-dampening material than our standard hollow core doors, they can help you stay productive. Some of our most popular designs for home offices include:

Logan interior molded solid core door

For a contemporary look that works well in just about any home office, choose the Logan interior molded door. It features two Shaker-style recessed panels and clean lines that simulate an original stile and rail door and goes especially well with Scandinavian or Midcentury Modern décor.

Livingston interior molded solid core door 

Home office with black Masonite three-panel interior door, wood entertainment center with a built-in record player and gray chair

Prefer your home office have a little more personality? Try the Livingston interior molded door. The Livingston’s panel profiles have a unique look with detail that leans a bit more classic, while still providing a unique and versatile style that you can enjoy along any home aesthetic. The smooth surface of this door means it’s easy to paint should you want to tap into the black door trend or go for something that’s picking up in popularity, like a navy blue.

Versatile sliding barn doors 

Because of their sliding design, barn doors are perfect for small home offices that do not have enough space for traditional doors on hinges to open and close easily. Plus, they look great—barn doors instantly upgrade your work area, providing a stylish new décor feature. 
While barn doors provide some privacy by obscuring areas from view, they are not as sound dampening as hinged solid core doors. For this reason, barn doors are best suited for home offices where peace and quiet is not the primary concern.  
Masonite barn door kits with hardware include everything you need to make over your home office in about 90 minutes. These kits come with a predrilled barn door slab, installation instructions, and all the necessary hardware components such as mounting board, track and rollers, stoppers and guides, screws and bolts, and even a handle. Plus, the kits come in a variety of styles, including:

Masonite Lincoln Park barn door kit

A closet that has been converted into a hidden workspace with a pink Masonite one-panel barn door

Need to hide a cluttered workspace? Be sure to choose a barn door with no glass, like the one-panel Lincoln Park that beautifully conceals this cloffice. Barn doors are also a great small office door idea if you lack the space to dedicate a full room to your work setup. 

Masonite Ash Gray 5 Lite barn door kit

A gray 5-lite sliding barn door in a den with blue walls, a gray couch and white secretary desk and chair

Barn doors with glass give a multi-purpose space even more flexibility. The Ash Gray 5 Lite sliding barn door provides instant privacy (without sacrificing light) when it’s time to take a conference call. This particular barn door kit is also a perfect option if you’re looking for a modern home office door.

Light and bright French doors

If you have a small office or simply don’t like the feeling of being closed off from the rest of your home, consider French doors. Interior doors with glass allow more natural light to flow through your home and into your office, which can help make the space feel bigger and brighter. Natural light has also been proven to help improve productivity and boost your mood! 
French doors come in a variety of designs to meet your exact needs. Want the most light? Go for a full lite design with clear glass. Prefer a bit more privacy? Opt for textured glass. Some of our favorite French doors for a home office include:

5 Panel Equal Lite interior wood door with clear glass

Modern home office featuring a white French door, black couch and built-in desk surrounded by bookshelves with dark wood tones

French doors can easily be modified to fit your modern home office décor. This 5 Panel Equal Lite conveys subtle sophistication with white paint, clear glass and horizontal divider lites. Consider installing sheer curtains above the door so you can be closed off to the rest of your household when you need to be. 

1 Lite (1/2) Over 1 Panel (2081) interior wood door with clear glass

Sunroom home office that includes furniture in neural beige colors and featuring tan half-lite French doors and a brown ¾ lite exterior door leading out to a wooded area

If you have converted a sunroom or patio into your home office, the space is probably already filled with natural light. Go with half-lite interior French doors to gain a bit more privacy while also helping to bring the sunlight from your office out into the other parts of your home. 

Office doors FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about office doors: 

Should office doors swing in or out?

There is no exact rule for if your office doors should swing inward or out. It's most common for interior doors to swing in to avoid getting in the way when they are open to the outside living space. However, if your office opens out to an area of your home that's not frequented by the rest of your family or if you have a small office, you may like the functionality of an outswing door. 
With an inswing door, make sure to take note of where that door will land when opened all the way. Keep office furniture out of the way and avoid hanging pictures on walls that can be impacted.

How do I soundproof a home office?

Whether you work a remote or hybrid role or just need the space to work on household budgets and calendars, it's important for many to have a home office that reduces the noise coming in from other parts of your house. Follow these steps to experience a serene home office free from distraction: 

  • Install a Solid Core Door. Hollow core doors are typically the standard in many homes, but it doesn't have to be in yours. Upgrade to solid core doors and notice how little noise makes its way to your desk. 
  • Buy an Area Rug. If you have hard flooring, like wood, laminate, tile or vinyl, purchase an area rug to limit the ability of sound waves to bounce around your space. The thicker your rug, the more effective its sound absorption. 
  • Use a Door Sweep. Even though a solid core door installation will reduce sound by a significant amount, an additional door sweep under your office door can seal the space between the bottom of your door and the flooring. 
  • Purchase Upholstered Furniture. Just like sound waves bounce off of hard flooring, they do the same with hard furniture. Use padded fabric desk chairs to reduce noise even further. 
  • Upgrade Your Bifold Doors. If you use an extra bedroom as your home office, consider swapping out the bifold closet doors for solid core or a barn door. Some barn doors are actually solid core, so you can benefit from the aesthetics of a barn door while still benefiting from enhanced durability. 

What color should my office doors be?

Color is a personal choice—but certain colors have been shown to fuel productivity and creativity more than others. The color of your office door should play into the color palette of your workspace or overall home aesthetic.

In general, light colors help a space feel airier and larger. However, pairing white walls with white doors may make your office seem too stark and sterile. A neutral wall color (think a warm white, like oatmeal) with a pure white door and trim may be a better option.  

Black interior doors have been trending upward and could be the perfect choice for virtually any home office. In addition to conveying strength and sophistication, the color black is neutral and does not have undertones, which means it can be paired with cool or warm palettes. That’s why black doors blend beautifully with almost every texture, color, pattern, piece of furniture or element in home offices.

Want a pop of color to spark creativity? Yellow and orange are widely considered to be the hues that help spur your imagination. Painting your office door in either of these sunshine-inspired tones may help bring more ideas to life.

Last Updated: June 27, 2023