How to measure a door

By Masonite

The first step in preparing for a successful new door installation is to measure the space in your home.

A Mediterranean-style kitchen with bright and intricate mosaic tile behind the oven, white cabinets, and a 3-panel navy blue pantry door

Are you considering replacing your exterior or interior door, but unsure where to begin? Proper measurements are essential for a successful door installation or replacement. We’ve created step-by-step guides to assist you in accurately measuring for exterior and interior doors, including barn doors. Visit one of the links below to get started. 
How to measure for an exterior door
How to measure for an interior door 
How to measure for a barn door

Advantages of replacing your doors

Replacing both the exterior and interior doors of your home can bring a lot of benefits. Here is what you can expect from upgrading your doors to Masonite doors: 

  1. Enhanced curb appeal: Because the front door is the first thing anyone sees when driving by or approaching a home, upgrading your exterior door can significantly enhance the overall appearance and curb appeal of your home. Masonite exterior doors with glass allow more natural light to flow through the inside of your home too, brightening up your entry space. 
  2. Better noise reduction: Our solid core interior doors are 70% more sound-dampening than our standard hollow core doors, meaning sound transmission between rooms is greatly reduced. These doors are perfect for spaces where you want to keep sound in or out, like bathrooms, bedrooms, home offices and laundry rooms.
  3. Improved energy efficiency: Older doors may have gaps, drafts or inadequate insulation, leading to energy loss and higher utility bills. By replacing your front door with a newer, more energy-efficient one, like a Masonite Performance Door System, you can experience superior performance and comfort. 
  4. More personalization and style: At Masonite, there are many styles to choose from whether you’re replacing an exterior door or some interior ones. Personalize your home and find doors that fit your aesthetic and architectural style by looking at our selection of various designs and materials.
  5. Better functionality: Over time, doors can wear out, and you may notice that difference when you open or close them. Replacing these doors with reliable, high-quality and high-performance Masonite doors can keep your home functioning as it should for many more years to come.