Laundry room door ideas to refresh your space

By Masonite

Help freshen up your laundry room by selecting a door that fits your home's style and needs.

The interior of a modern laundry room with a closed one-panel gray interior door, light gray cabinets with bronze hardware and a front-load washing machine

You probably spend more time in your laundry room than you’d like. And if the space seems dingy, small or cluttered, it can make washing and folding feel like even bigger chores.   
Whether your laundry area is a fully dedicated room, a small nook or just a washer and dryer tucked into a utility closet, there are many easy ways to freshen up your space. For example, the right laundry room door can help make the area feel bigger and brighter. It can even help prevent the rattle of a rumbling dryer from spilling out into the rest of your home. 
Here are some laundry room door ideas to help you refresh your space.

Laundry room door ideas

There is a lot to consider when it comes to your laundry room door. Are you looking for a door that will keep the sounds of the washer and dryer in the room? Is maximizing your laundry room layout the biggest priority? Or, is door design something you're considering? 
No matter what your focus, here are some ideas for your laundry room door: 

Laundry room doors that dampen sound

There are two common types of interior door cores: hollow core and solid core. You’ll be able to tell which one your current laundry room door is by the way it sounds. If the door is closed and you can still clearly hear the appliances running, chances are good that the door has a hollow core.  
Masonite solid core doors are made with 70% more sound-dampening material than their hollow counterparts. This means if you're on a conference call or taking a mid-afternoon nap, you won't be interrupted by the sound of your clothes entering the spin cycle.   
As a bonus, solid core doors are also more durable, with a sturdiness and quality you can feel the moment you open or close one. This means they’ll better withstand dents and dings that may come from carting hampers and baskets in and out of the room.   
Additionally, solid core doors come in a variety of panel designs to complement any style of home, from modern to classic and everything in between.

Modern solid core laundry room doors

White 5-panel solid core interior door next to a cream brick wall with patterned tile floors
Masonite Melrose Molded Solid Core Door

Modern design continues to be one of the most popular home styles. The aesthetic is characterized by simplicity—which is also key to having a neat and tidy laundry room. Try the interior flush door for an ultra-minimalist look or the Melrose interior molded door which features sleek horizontal lines.

Classic solid core laundry room door

White two-panel interior door with rounded top in white hallway with hardwood floors
Masonite 2 Panel Roman Molded Solid Core Door

If your home is a bit more ornate, you’ll want a solid core laundry room door with some detail. The 2 Panel Roman interior molded door features subtle curvature to complement rounded forms that are iconic to classic design schemes.

Laundry room doors for small spaces

Does your laundry room clutter up quickly? Here are some doors designed to help you stay organized by conserving precious square footage:

Sliding barn doors

If your laundry room feels cramped, swapping out a traditional hinged door for a sliding barn door can almost instantly create more usable space.   
Any interior door can be converted into a sliding barn door. Masonite Barn Door Kits with hardware make it easy by including everything you need to make over a space in about 90 minutes.

These kits come with a predrilled barn door slab, door installation instructions and all the necessary hardware components such as mounting board, track and rollers, stoppers and guides, screws and bolts, and even a handle.  
Plus, the kits come in a variety of styles, including panel designs for more privacy or options with glass to allow more natural light into your laundry room.    
However, it’s important to note that a barn door will not provide as much sound insulation as some other choices. Barn doors have gaps on the side that allow some sound to pass through. For this reason, a hinged solid core door would be a better option for if your laundry area is near spaces where peace and quiet is a priority, such as bedrooms or a home office. A solid core door may also be the wiser choice if you have older appliances, which tend to be louder.

Laundry room bifold doors

A den in a home with blue and green rug, beige couch a rocking chair and tan double bifold doors
Masonite 2 Panel Arch-Top Double Bifold Doors

If your appliances are tucked inside a tight alcove such as a utility closet, bifold doors may be the best bet to keep them hidden from view when not in use.  
Bifold doors, or folding doors, are also available in a louver design, which allows for airflow. This helps the space stay properly ventilated while the appliances are running.  
Similar to barn doors, bifold doors are used in spaces where traditional hinged doors don’t fit. Bifold doors save space by folding at the center when opening and unfolding when closing. However, because they do have gaps, bifold doors will not provide as much sound insulation as a solid core door.

Laundry room doors that let light through

It’s tough to get stains out when you can’t see what you’re doing. Adding a door with glass is an easy way to let more natural light into your laundry room. Natural light also has the power to make a space feel larger and cheerier.   
Here are some glass laundry room doors to consider: 

French doors for a laundry room

French doors are an excellent option for a laundry room door. They can improve the atmosphere of a room, as well as making it appear brighter and airier. The 1501 Laundry interior wood door features a unique etched design that is perfect for classic homes. For something simpler, try the 1 Panel (C11) interior wood door. 

Barn doors with glass

Black sliding barn door with frosted glass opens to reveal laundry room with white appliances and blue tile
Masonite 1-Lite Barn Door Kit

Barn doors not only save space—they can also be made with glass to help improve the flow of natural light. The Full Lite frosted glass black barn door kit brings an abundance of light into the space while still obscuring any clutter from view. Plus, its sleek design is perfect for modern or transitional homes, and the Masonite barn doors are easy to install. 
Barn doors are also a creative alternative to pocket doors. Pocket doors may save you space, but the track is inside the wall, making them challenging to install and fix. With an easily accessible track, barn doors are a pleasant option to consider.

How to find the right door for your laundry room

As you can see, laundry room doors can do a lot. When selecting the perfect one for your space, here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Consider the door swing. To maximize space, laundry room doors are generally outswing. This helps prevent them from swinging into appliances, cabinets and storage, giving you more usable work area. Also, think about what's outside your laundry room door. If you have a hallway laundry room, an outswing door can potentially open onto someone passing by.
  2. Measure the size of the opening. Door frames can vary from room to room. Make sure to accurately measure your interior door opening so you can choose a bathroom door that'll fit as it should. Read through our guide to learn how to measure for interior doors.
  3. Choose a door material. A solid core door may be the best choice for laundry rooms located near offices or bedrooms. For smaller spaces, try sliding barn doors or bifold doors. If the laundry room is dimly lit, a French door or sliding door with glass can let light in and brighten the space.
  4. Match your door with your home style. Do you have a classic home that calls for something a bit more ornate? Or a modern home more suited for minimalist styles?

FAQs about laundry room doors

Review these frequently asked questions to help you select the door that's best suited to your home: 

1. Does a laundry room need vented doors? 

You don't need a vented laundry room door if the space is set up properly. Because washers and dryers create a lot of humidity, ventilation is a consideration. Louvered laundry room doors provide this easily, with open slats in the door to allow air to flow out as needed. A solid core door is perfect for laundry rooms that are bigger and have proper ventilation inside.

2. What is the standard laundry room door size?

The most common door sizing for laundry rooms are 30 inches wide and 36 inches wide. Be sure to accurately measure your door frame to find out which option you need. Keep in mind that although there may be standard sizing, Masonite offers a variety of less common door sizes for homes. 

Last Updated: June 27, 2023